Community resolutions used in 10,000 serious violence cases

One-Minute Read Tue 30 Apr, AT 09:07

Critics blame police cuts for sharp rise in number of people dodging court for violent crimes

'Lucky to be alive' Andrew Marr starts great workout debate

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Lycra-clad middle-aged men take note: BBC host blames his stroke on overdoing the rowing machine

Did BBC use LSE students as 'human shield' on N Korea trip?

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Broadcaster says reporter posing as academic is justified, but were students properly informed?

BBC says it has a duty to play 'Ding Dong' song - but does it?

Fri 12 Apr, AT 12:05 Richard Jinman

Broadcaster's argument for playing anti-Thatcher song contradicts its history of censorship

Ding dong at BBC as DG refuses to ban Thatcher 'hate song'

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Lord Hall faces 'first test' after anti-Thatcher campaigners push 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead' to the top of the chart

Terry Nation's Blake's 7 zooms back courtesy of Syfy network

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The BBC 1 sci-fi series written by the man who dreamed up the Daleks is being re-made for TV

'Boring rubbish': Doctor Who sheds a million viewers

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Rings of Akhaten 'worst ever' episode say fans, while original director says show has become too 'sexual'

'Borgen' and 'House of Cards' creators join forces for TV political drama

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Fans rejoice as men behind acclaimed series collaborate on major BBC project