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Dr Michael Mosley in Should I Eat Meat?

Should I Eat Meat? Dubious science spoils BBC2 dish

Tue 19 Aug, AT 09:12
Holden Frith

The answer to the question 'Is meat bad for you?' remains the same – Yes and No

Secret History of our Streets tackles the Scottish question

Fri 25 Jul, AT 08:52
Holden Frith

BBC2's unexpected hit series reveals just how much Edinburgh and London have in common

The Honourable Woman: a far cry from Homeland's Carrie

Fri 4 Jul, AT 09:18
Holden Frith

Maggie Gyllenhaal displays an impeccable English accent and cool charisma in new BBC2 drama

Big Allotment Challenge: does a perfect radish make perfect TV?

Wed 16 Apr, AT 09:18
Holden Frith

New BBC2 show makes Great British Bake-Off seem dangerously subversive by comparison

'Corrective rape': how Uganda gets a lesbian to go straight

Tue 15 Oct, AT 12:50
Holden Frith

Review: Stephen Fry Out There begins with an eye-opening trip to a land of rampant homophobia

Who is Piers Linney, latest to join BBC2's Dragons' Den?

One-Minute Read
Mon 11 Mar, AT 12:37

Cloud computing expert announced as the fifth member of the business show panel

Attenborough: famines are the fault of 'plague of humans'

First Reaction
Tue 22 Jan, AT 14:10

We must limit human population growth, says David Attenborough. 'It’s not an inhuman thing to say'

Nigella's Nigellissima: kitsch fantasy or ironic work of art?

Point of View
Mon 1 Oct, AT 10:56

Nigella–baiting from mainly male critics overlooks the complexities that make us keep watching

Parade's End: 'brainier and sexier than Downton Abbey'

First Reaction
Mon 20 Aug, AT 14:47

But will it be so much fun? Anticipation builds as critics give new BBC series the thumbs-up