Ben Ainslie

13 Jan, 2015

Olympic sailor and new wife Georgie Thompson suffer boat trouble while on Caribbean honeymoon

Andy Murray at Wimbledon 2013
27 Nov, 2013

Wimbledon champion is certain to win BBC Sports Personality award by a landslide

Ben Ainslie holding the Americas Cup
26 Sep, 2013

Team Oracle USA seals incredible comeback from 8-1 down... 'bugger' says New Zealand PM

Ben Ainslie: Team Oracle USA
25 Sep, 2013

British sailor guides Oracle team to seven straight wins over shell-shocked New Zealand

31 Dec, 2012

Labour’s Gerry Sutcliffe weighs into debate over 'too few' Paralympians on the New Year Honours list

27 Nov, 2012

Shortlist for BBC awards ceremony includes 11 Olympians and Paralympians – plus Rory McIlroy

11 Sep, 2012

After an extraordinary summer of sport the public faces a tough decision this Christmas

29 Aug, 2012

Lib Dem leader accused of going for 'easy clap line' after calling for 'time limited contribution' from the wealthy