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Labour tries to trump Tories with benefits crackdown plan

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Mon 20 Jan, AT 10:47

Jobless to take tests after six weeks under Labour, but are both parties just 'fiddling at the margins'?

European migrants added £25b to UK economy, study says

One-Minute Read
Tue 5 Nov, AT 09:04

Migrants who arrived between 2001 to 2011 far less likely to claim benefits or housing than Britons

George Osborne

George Osborne's Help to Work scheme: how will it work?

Mon 30 Sep, AT 09:36

'No-one gets something for nothing,' the chancellor will tell Conservative Party conference

'Useless' JobCentre is waste of time says businesswoman

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Fri 23 Aug, AT 12:13

Jean Rasbridge accuses agency of helping benefits claimants 'tick boxes' instead of finding work

Cameron supports chancellor over Philpott remark

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Fri 5 Apr, AT 15:57

Chancellor's foray into benefits debate condemned by Labour, but his opponents also face risks

Iain Duncan Smith ridiculed over '£53 a week' claim

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Tue 2 Apr, AT 10:03

Minister branded 'smug' and urged to prove he could live on minimum amount paid to benefits claimants

Abu Qatada asks to move house at taxpayer's expense

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Thu 15 Nov, AT 09:54

Radical cleric, newly released from prison, is not happy in his £400,000 house in Wembley

Public attitude to welfare state 'toughens' despite recession

Talking Point
Mon 17 Sep, AT 16:07

Less sympathy for benefit recipients but more people want to see an increase in public spending


Welfare: new blue Cameron seeks to out-Thatcher Maggie

Mon 25 Jun, AT 09:45
The Mole

Revelation of 'Let Down by Dave' bloc sees David Cameron abandoning compassionate Conservatism