Charles Laurence
16 May, 2013

The US President is under fire on three fronts – but it's really Hillary Clinton the Republicans want to sink

Libyan man inside the US compound in Benghazi
25 Jan, 2013

Schools or gas facility among mooted targets as westerners are urged to leave 'lawless' city now

24 Jan, 2013

For right-wingers enraged by Obama's inaugural address, attacking Hillary Clinton was irresistible

24 Sep, 2012

Attempts to crack down on Islamist militias in Libya could backfire

23 Sep, 2012

Libyan interim leader demands the break up of all militias not under the control of the government

13 Sep, 2012

Opinion Digest: the Hillsborough police scandal and why families now need inquests to be re-opened

12 Sep, 2012

The attack on the US consulate in Benghazi claimed another life in America’s senior diplomatic ranks

12 Sep, 2012

Islam: The Untold Story sparks 1,200 complaints and threats to presenter and historian Tom Holland

Libyan man inside the US compound in Benghazi
12 Sep, 2012

Missions in Cairo and Benghazi beseiged over video depicting Mohammed as ‘buffoon and womaniser’

Muammar Gaddafi
04 Apr, 2012

German documentary claims some women were raped within minutes of meeting Libyan leader