Benjamin Netanyahu

Middle East peace process: are two states the only option?

Fri 10 Apr, AT 11:57

As the chances of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict fade, few alternatives remain

Naftali Bennett and Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu forms a coalition government with the religious right

One-Minute Read
Thu 7 May, AT 10:29

Israel finally has a new government, but critics have branded Netanyahu 'a general without soldiers'

Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyaho

Netanyahu address: is Obama on a collision course with Israel?

First Reaction
Tue 3 Mar, AT 10:21

Netanyahu's US speech strains relations between Obama and Netanyahu, Democrats and Republicans, and American Jews and Israelis

The spy cables: five things we have learnt so far

Tue 24 Feb, AT 15:42

Leaked documents from Al Jazeera reveal unprecedented look into the world of international espionage

Francois Hollande

Hollande calls for tougher race hate laws

One-Minute Read
Tue 24 Feb, AT 09:51

French president urges 'faster, more effective sanctions' for racial crimes in the wake of kosher supermarket siege

Columnist Venetia Rainey

Peace in our time? 2014 could prove a Middle East watershed

Thu 18 Dec, AT 17:22
Venetia Rainey

Hamas removed from terror blacklist, Palestinian state recognised by EU – 17 December was a big day

EU takes Hamas off terrorist blacklist

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Wed 17 Dec, AT 14:54

Hamas welcomes ruling as a 'correction of injustice', but Israel calls for an immediate reversal

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli cabinet collapse triggers early election

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Wed 3 Dec, AT 13:09

Israeli prime minister fires two ministers sending Israel to the polls just two years after the last election

Israeli security forces at the scene where the attack took place

Four killed in axe attack during prayer at Jerusalem synagogue

One-Minute Read
Tue 18 Nov, AT 08:48

Police shoot two Palestinian men armed with axes, knives and a pistol after deadly attack this morning

Columnist Venetia Rainey

Israelis should listen to their president before more Arabs die

Wed 12 Nov, AT 14:13
Venetia Rainey

Israel is home not only to Jews – but to Arabs like Kheir Hamdan, ‘killed in cold blood’ by police