Benjamin Netanyahu

06 Nov, 2014

Hamas claims responsibility for the killing of an Israeli policeman amid fears of a third intifada

Columnist Venetia Rainey
31 Oct, 2014

'Chickenshit' Netanyahu… Sweden's 'Ikea politics'… Global insults fly as violence erupts in Jerusalem

30 Sep, 2014

It's also time to reduce the role of the Middle East's chief mediator – the United States

11 Sep, 2014

By taking land from Palestinians in the West Bank, Israel ensures long-term peace looks hopeless

27 Aug, 2014

Neither Palestinians nor Israelis have achieved what they wanted: we will be back here again

Israeli soldiers walk to their deployment area on the border with Gaza
18 Jul, 2014

Defeat of Hamas may be off the cards, but Israel hopes to achieve a more limited victory

Palestinians carry the body of Mohammad Deif
20 Aug, 2014

Wife and child of Hamas leader Mohammed Deif hit by Israeli airstrikes after truce breaks down

15 May, 2014

The vandalism and violence perpetrated by Jewish extremists has gone too far, say moderate Israelis

Benjamin Netanyahu (Left) stands next to Shimon Peres (Right)
07 May, 2014

Shimon Peres says two-state solution was agreed before it was ‘ended’ by Netanyahu

Robert Fox
17 Jun, 2013

Shrewd, cultivated and cosmopolitan new president knows that misery of daily life in Iran is the key issue