Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu (Left) stands next to Shimon Peres (Right)
07 May, 2014

Shimon Peres says two-state solution was agreed before it was ‘ended’ by Netanyahu

Robert Fox
17 Jun, 2013

Shrewd, cultivated and cosmopolitan new president knows that misery of daily life in Iran is the key issue

23 Jan, 2013

PM to continue for third term, but success of Lapid and Bennett shows Israelis want change

22 Jan, 2013

The rise of the right-wing software entrepreneur has worrying consequences for Israel, critics say

29 Nov, 2012

Former PM Ehud Olmert and Haaretz come out in favour of UN 'non-member status' for Palestinians

26 Nov, 2012

Netanyahu's defence minister wants more time with his family – or does he have another agenda?

16 Nov, 2012

Hisham Qandil calls on world to 'take responsibility' in stopping Israel's 'unacceptable aggression'