Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu weakened as new stars emerge in Israeli politics

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Wed 23 Jan, AT 08:53

PM to continue for third term, but success of Lapid and Bennett shows Israelis want change

Naftali Bennett set to be Israel's powerbroker after election

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Tue 22 Jan, AT 15:46

The rise of the right-wing software entrepreneur has worrying consequences for Israel, critics say

Palestine status: Israeli doves urge Netanyahu to back down

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Thu 29 Nov, AT 14:20

Former PM Ehud Olmert and Haaretz come out in favour of UN 'non-member status' for Palestinians

Ehud Barak's shock departure strengthens Israel's hawks

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Mon 26 Nov, AT 14:39

Netanyahu's defence minister wants more time with his family – or does he have another agenda?

Egyptian PM slams Israel as commentators fear ground war

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Fri 16 Nov, AT 12:30

Hisham Qandil calls on world to 'take responsibility' in stopping Israel's 'unacceptable aggression'

What you get when you vote Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

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Election briefing: where the two candidates stand on the key issues facing the United States today


If Mitt Romney wins, it's time to head to Canada – or is it?

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US liberals threaten to head north if Romney succeeds but have they kept up with Canada's turn to the right?