France on red alert as manhunt continues for Toulouse killer

First Post Tue 20 Mar, AT 10:30

Killings raise questions over Sarkozy's decision to make immigration a presidential election issue

Nicolas Sarkozy cannot bear 'liar' Netanyahu

One-Minute Read Tue 8 Nov, AT 11:50

French President's frank exchange with Barack Obama was overheard by journalists at the G20 summit

Benjamin Netanyahu in America

Turkey makes Netanyahu and Obama talks tougher

News Mon 5 Jul, AT 23:36

Is Israeli PM guilty of endangering the US even more by falling out with Turkey?

Israel Gaza blockade protest

‘Easing’ of Gaza blockade not a great concession

News Fri 18 Jun, AT 09:07

It's not enough to satisfy foreign opinion - but it's quite sufficient from most Israelis' point of view

Benjamin Netanyahu in America

Israel and the West: it’s icy cold on two fronts

News Thu 25 Mar, AT 08:12

White House refuses to release photo after talks collapse; Miliband bans Mossad’s London embassy replacement