Suicide bomb kills Israelis in Bulgaria. Is Iran behind attacks?

Briefing Thu 19 Jul, AT 12:46

Briefing: Israel claims Iran is behind 'global wave of terror' after latest attack on its nationals abroad

Video of Israeli officer hitting Danish protester sparks outrage

Video Tue 17 Apr, AT 14:44

Danish foreign minister demands explanation after IDF officer filmed smashing protester in the face

France on red alert as manhunt continues for Toulouse killer

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Killings raise questions over Sarkozy's decision to make immigration a presidential election issue

Nicolas Sarkozy cannot bear 'liar' Netanyahu

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French President's frank exchange with Barack Obama was overheard by journalists at the G20 summit

Benjamin Netanyahu in America

Turkey makes Netanyahu and Obama talks tougher

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Is Israeli PM guilty of endangering the US even more by falling out with Turkey?

Israel Gaza blockade protest

‘Easing’ of Gaza blockade not a great concession

News Fri 18 Jun, AT 09:07

It's not enough to satisfy foreign opinion - but it's quite sufficient from most Israelis' point of view