Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett mistake costs his company $900m

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Mon 3 Mar, AT 15:44

Billionaire admits to a 'big mistake' in spending $2bn without consulting business partner

Buffett's $28bn Heinz buyout is 'takeover of the year'

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Fri 15 Feb, AT 12:56

Pundits say Ketchup firm will not be last condiment 82-year-old adds to his investment 'meal'

Sweat, garlic and rotten eggs: foul smell arrives from France

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Tue 22 Jan, AT 15:03

Gas leak in Rouen causes a stink on both sides of the English Channel

Warren Buffet

Buffett to buy newspapers - but says online readers must pay

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Fri 25 May, AT 15:51

The Sage of Omaha thinks local papers have a future and pledges to buy up more

Warren Buffet

After Steve Jobs, Buffett shows how to handle a cancer scare

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Wed 18 Apr, AT 16:06

Famed investor has been candid about cancer scare, but pressure over his succession grows

Warren Buffett

Buffett told to sue former right-hand man Sokol

Thu 28 Apr, AT 11:38

Business Digest: Berkshire Hathaway committee finds Sokol broke internal rules and state law

Buffett heir Sokol quits amid share deal furore

Thu 31 Mar, AT 14:26

Sage of Omaha loses his protege as David Sokol unexpectedly quits Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett buys Lubrizol for $10bn

Tue 15 Mar, AT 10:00

Business digest: Purchase of US chemicals company is Berkshire Hathaway’s third-biggest deal ever