29 Aug, 2013

'You're just a pig inside' sings Gaga in new online footage of her rehearsal for London gig

Beyonce Knowles
19 Aug, 2013

Pop princess leaves crowds waiting in rain while fans at home miss out on television footage

23 Jul, 2013

Pop star's hair gets tangled in fan during Mrs Carter tour but Beyonce just keeps on singing

15 Jul, 2013

There is one last chance of justice – vigilante could be re-tried under civil rights legislation

24 Apr, 2013

Pro shooters banned from Mrs Carter tour after singer upset by 'grimacing' pics from Super Bowl

11 Mar, 2013

Two of the world's biggest female stars agree to sing at 'celebrity-packed' celebration of First Lady's 50th

27 Feb, 2013

'Bigmouth strikes again': former Smiths frontman claims wars are 'heterosexual hobbies'

19 Feb, 2013

Pop's biggest names in a tussle to own the estate that was once home to Bubbles the chimp

Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at the 2013 Grammys vk
15 Feb, 2013

Rumours mount that two of US's biggest stars will perform together in a 600-seat venue in Islington