22 Jul, 2015

Experts say the holy text may have been written by someone who knew Prophet Muhammad

Birmingham mosque
23 Jul, 2014

Private messages on WhatsApp group offer 'disturbing insight' into the attitudes at Park View

Birmingham mosque
19 Jul, 2014

Inquiry into 'Trojan Horse' allegation finds extremism in 13 schools

10 Jun, 2014

Sir Michael Wilshaw delivers findings on claims of a hard-line Muslim takeovers in Birmingham schools

Mosque in Birmingham
20 Apr, 2014

Birmingham schools could have their leadership removed or even be closed

Mosque in Birmingham
08 Mar, 2014

Letter passed to Birmingham City Council explains how four schools have already been targeted by Islamists

14 Aug, 2013

Hertfordshire town 'where nothing interesting happens' heads Crap Towns UK top ten

07 Mar, 2013

Police comb city for suspect they believe stabbed and killed 16-year-old girl on her way to school

22 Feb, 2013

British security services concerned about rise of home-grown bombers with a 'Just do it' attitude

07 Feb, 2013

Boris Johnson promised there would be no 'exodus' of London's poor – but Camden is considering just that