Blackadder goes forth

Baldrick hits back at Michael Gove’s ‘silly’ Blackadder attack

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Mon 6 Jan, AT 10:11

World War One rumpus rumbles on as Sir Tony Robinson accuses Gove of ‘slagging off teachers’

Ben Elton says Blackadder is 'not finished' yet

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Mon 11 Nov, AT 12:23

Co-writer of hit comedy hints at possibility of a final outing for Rowan Atkinson's antihero

Crispin Black

100 years on... Let's not forget our achievement in the Great War

Thu 17 Jan, AT 13:57
Crispin Black

As the August 1914 anniversary approaches, there is already a row over how it should be marked

Blackadder is back for some banker bashing - video

Fri 30 Nov, AT 11:34

Rowan Atkinson's character Sir Edmund Blackadder is reincarnated as the head of a bailed-out bank

Marylebone station

Chiltern Railways commuters hit with 'comedy' announcements

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Mon 14 May, AT 14:37

Rail franchise persuades Tony Robinson to teach staff to tell jokes over the tannoy