Russell Brand
06 Nov, 2014

Russell Brand's Newsnight appearance has been mixed together with Blur's 90s hit Parklife

28 Jan, 2014

Whoo-hoo: Humble turnstile on Jubilee line imitates Damon Albarn by 'singing' refrain from hit song

12 Feb, 2013

Mammoth recording session at Abbey Road marks 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's 1963 debut LP

24 Aug, 2012

Tabloid Tales: Las Vegas witness speaks out, Taylor Swift causes song and dance at society wedding

Blur debut the tracks Under the Westway and The Puritan on a London rooftop
03 Jul, 2012

Rooftop performance compared to historic Beatles gig as 'one of Britain's great bands' reveals new tunes

Adele ushered off at the Brits by James Corden
22 Feb, 2012

I don't understand why I was made to do it, says Corden after hustling singer off-stage for Blur set

Alex James
18 Jan, 2012

Musician who moved to the country to make cheese and host food festivals stuns fans

Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon of Blur
19 Apr, 2010

Fool’s Day was released to promote record shops, but copies are now being auctioned online