Bob Diamond


London Olympics: 'festival of military and corporate power'

Opinion digest
Wed 11 Jul, AT 11:15

Opinion Digest: what happened to the People's Games? – and what should happen to Nick Clegg

Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond waives £20m bonus but claims full salary

First Post
Tue 10 Jul, AT 15:51

Ex Barclays boss will still walk away with £2m, bank chairman Marcus Agius tells MPs


Pressure grows on Cameron to give Osborne the push

Tue 10 Jul, AT 07:50
The Mole

Andrea Leadsom comment to BBC leaves Osborne little option but to apologise to Ed Balls

Spoof Barclays ad mocks Libor rate-fixing scandal

Thu 5 Jul, AT 14:19

Comedian sends up bank's metaphor-heavy ads by explaining saga in voice of Stephen Merchant

Barclays' Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond's evidence: what the press is saying

Talking Point
Thu 5 Jul, AT 08:41

It wasn't just Diamond's prevarication – the MPs' questions were timid and ill-informed

Bob Diamond

The Diamond Dodger was briefed to prevaricate says beaten MP

Thu 5 Jul, AT 07:35
The Mole

If the banker's non-answers were 'implausible', why is there so little hope of a judge-led inquiry?

Bob Diamond's denial boosts case for new judicial inquiry

Wed 4 Jul, AT 16:58
The Mole

Former bank chief has to be reminded by Andrea Leadsom why he resigned from Barclays

Michael Bywater

What the Sophie Roberts case really says about the NHS

Wed 4 Jul, AT 14:36
Michael Bywater

British doctors said two major surgeries and extended chemotherapy were enough. Were they right?


Barclays could learn about public trust from GlaxoSmithKline

Opinion digest
Wed 4 Jul, AT 11:09

Opinion digest: Corporate reputations, judicial banking inquiries, and architectural vandalism

Bank of England man 'can defend himself against Bob Diamond'

Wed 4 Jul, AT 10:04
The Mole

Former Labour minister Lord Myners claims Paul Tucker has record of disputed conversation with Barclays chief