Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond

£20m for Bob Diamond? Or did he talk himself out of it?

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Tue 3 Jul, AT 15:29

Former Barclays boss once told MPs that he should lose his shares if the bank ever failed

Westminster Houses of Parliament big ben

Roll up, roll up: see Bob Diamond drop a bombshell

Media Watch
Tue 3 Jul, AT 11:46

Freed from any responsibility to Barclays, will former CEO drag the Bank of England deeper into the scandal?


Diamond resignation: pushed by King, applauded by Osborne

Tue 3 Jul, AT 13:05
The Mole

Departure came after 'unambiguous' pressure from Mervyn King and Lord Turner, claims Robert Peston

Bob Diamond, who has resigned from Barclays today

Bob Diamond quits Barclays but Marcus Agius will stay

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Tue 3 Jul, AT 07:52

He clearly had to go, says Ed Miliband, and his departure is only one of several changes needed


Agius quits to save Bob Diamond - but he was due to go anyway

Mon 2 Jul, AT 07:38
The Mole

Barclays chairman falls on sword – but with new claims against Bank of England, it will solve nothing

Barclays' Bob Diamond

Barclays investors call for Bob Diamond to quit as FBI steps in

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Sun 1 Jul, AT 16:15

14 Barclays traders face FBI probe while two leading shareholders want management gone

Sunday papers

Harry Styles branded a 'rat' by husband of teenager’s lover

Sunday Papers
Sun 1 Jul, AT 11:08

From the Sunday papers: husband’s tale, Tom Cruise’s unlucky number and Tony Blair in denial

Mervyn King

King refuses to back Diamond as 'fit and proper' Barclays boss

Fri 29 Jun, AT 14:58

Bank of England governor calls for a change of culture and an end to the shoddy treatment of bank customers