Bob Diamond

Boris Johnson
28 Jun, 2012

The London mayor says the behaviour of 'dodgy' Barclays traders was 'almost certainly criminal'

28 Jun, 2012

Opinion Digest: Barclays scandal increases distrust; Cameron and Clegg are too inexperienced

Barclays' Bob Diamond
28 Jun, 2012

'The unacceptable face of banking' is facing calls to quit over Barclays' market manipulation

Barclays headquarters at Canary Warf
28 Jun, 2012

Banking giant's reputation on the line after traders sought to manipulate markets – and others may have been at it too

Barclays Bank
26 Apr, 2012

The bank is upbeat because its £475m loss hides a better-than-expected underlying profit

Bob Diamond
20 Apr, 2012

Barclays shareholders were threatening to vote against remuneration package

Occupy Boardroom
03 May, 2012

Aviva and UBS investors are the latest to put their foot down over low returns and high executive pay

Bob Diamond
23 Apr, 2012

More shareholders say they will vote against Barclays execs’ controversial pay deals despite news of £2bn profit