Bob Diamond

28 Sep, 2011

The man who shocked BBC Newsviewers with his ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude to the euro crisis

Barclays' Bob Diamond
02 Aug, 2011

Business digest: Bank sees investment profits fall from last year; Bob Diamond blames economy

Bob Diamond
21 Jul, 2011

Barclays CEO’s apparent breach of anti-terror laws to be investigated

Barclays Bank
27 Apr, 2011

Business digest: UK bank is first to under-perform in first quarter of 2011

Barclays' Bob Diamond
08 Mar, 2011

Michael Bywater: Does the novelist Justin Cartwright know something we don’t?

Barclays' Bob Diamond
07 Mar, 2011

Business digest: The bank also reveals that it paid its top 231 staff £554m in 2010

Barclays' Bob Diamond
15 Feb, 2011

Business Digest: Investment bank sees strong growth under Bob Diamond

Cartoon by Marf courtesy of
12 Jan, 2011

After the coalition givesup over bankers’ bonuses,Bob Diamond’s ‘arrogance’only adds to the dismay

Vince Cable
08 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: Lib Dem business secretary said to be fuming at elevation of hot-shot investment banker

Barclays' Bob Diamond
07 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: Diamond will take over when John Varley leaves his post as chief executive of Barclays