Alessio Rastani - latest ugly face of capitalism

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The man who shocked BBC Newsviewers with his ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude to the euro crisis

Barclays' Bob Diamond

Barclays pre-tax profits drop by a third

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Business digest: Bank sees investment profits fall from last year; Bob Diamond blames economy

Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond ‘landed David Cameron’s plane’

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Barclays CEO’s apparent breach of anti-terror laws to be investigated

Barclays Bank

Barclays profit drop raises Diamond bonus questions

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Business digest: UK bank is first to under-perform in first quarter of 2011

Barclays' Bob Diamond

Found: a banker not as hateful as Bob Diamond

Tue 8 Mar, AT 08:09 Michael Bywater

Michael Bywater: Does the novelist Justin Cartwright know something we don’t?

Barclays' Bob Diamond

Barclays awards boss Bob Diamond a £6.5m bonus

News Mon 7 Mar, AT 13:29

Business digest: The bank also reveals that it paid its top 231 staff £554m in 2010