04 Mar, 2015

The fugitive whistleblower is ready to go home if he is guaranteed a free and impartial trial, says his lawyer

15 Aug, 2013

Daily walks, clean water and high altitude credited for Carmelo Laura's longevity

22 Nov, 2012

Paul Frampton, the academic jailed for smuggling cocaine into Argentina, is a naïve man who was smitten by a bikini model, says his ex.

Bolivia parliament brawl
25 May, 2012

A fight in the Ukrainian legislature is just the latest example of politicians resorting to violence...

03 May, 2012

Evo Morales pledges to compensate Red Electrica for taking control of Transportadora de Electricidad

Samuel Galindo Arsenal Bolivia
19 Jan, 2010

The Bolivian youngster says he is 17, but a TV station claims his real passport shows he is 20