Boris Johnson

12 Sep, 2014

1 in 5 Londoners would vote for independence and a city-state might even benefit the rest of the UK

The Mole
02 Sep, 2014

The PM says he will look at the idea of internment – but any camp would have to be offshore

Mayor of London Boris Johnson
02 Sep, 2014

Boris Johnson's plan for island airport in Thames Estuary is a 'huge leap in the dark', says commission

Don Brind
01 Sep, 2014

With Boris Johnson refusing to stand against defector Carswell, victory could be very sweet for Ukip leader

The Mole
27 Aug, 2014

Out of the wetsuit into the fire: Cameron must face truth about Ukip's ambitions for the general election

Temple Baths in the Thames; image by Picture Plane
15 Aug, 2014

Designs for a swimming pool floating off the Victoria Embankment have Boris Johnson's backing

Don Brind
12 Aug, 2014

If Miliband can hold on to this lead, it would give him an 86-seat majority in 2015 general election

Boris Johnson will stand for Parliament in 2015
06 Aug, 2014

'It may all go wrong,' says Boris Johnson, but 'in all probability' he'll run for MP at the next election

The Mole
24 Jul, 2014

As EU diplomats consider tougher sanctions against Russia, PM refuses to budge over £160k donation

The Mole
16 Jun, 2014

Former PM insists Iraq nightmare 'was always going to happen': you need help, says Boris Johnson