Livingstone overtakes Boris in London mayoral poll shock

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Boris the celeb is popular, but Boris the politician is showing his weaknesses against the veteran Ken


Lame duck Nick Clegg caught in Barmy Boris's propeller

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Cameron takes Boris Island airport seriously – but is it a ruse to help get Johnson re-elected mayor?


Boris Johnson holes Capt Dave Cameron below the waterline

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Mayor causes fury by comparing PM's handling of Scottish referendum to cruise ship capsize

Boris lobs festive hand-grenade into Downing Street

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London mayor flirts with eurosceptics as he claims the euro is unlikely to survive 2012


Demands for referendum push David Cameron to the brink

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Mayor Boris Johnson joins Tory MPs and the British public in requesting a referendum

Livingstone offers 7% fare cut in mayoral election bid

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Boris Johnson's camp ridicules plan but transport will be a major factor in next year’s election