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Boris Johnson


It's a bit late to be 'shocked' by millionaires' tax dodges, George

Tue 10 Apr, AT 09:20
The Mole

Or is the Chancellor softening us up for a US-style rule making tax avoidance a new offence?

Boris Johnson Mayor of London

Boris tells Ken he's a 'f****** liar' in lift rant

One-Minute Read
Tue 3 Apr, AT 21:05

Mayor of London takes Labour rival to task over tax claim after election debate on radio

August rioter next to a burning car

Materialism and lack of stake in society blamed for riots

First Reaction
Wed 28 Mar, AT 14:35

Report into last summer's riots says young people felt they had no future to risk


The Budget, now Dinnergate: can Boris survive Tory fiasco?

Tue 27 Mar, AT 10:19
The Mole

Poll showing Labour 10 points ahead of Tories puts wind up mayor with election only five weeks away

Ken Livingstone

Livingstone 'rich Jews' remark angers his own supporters

First Post
Thu 22 Mar, AT 13:52

Anti-Ken brigade gets more ammunition as Boris takes lead in London mayoral polls

Boris Johnson Mayor of London

Media battle lines drawn as Boris and Ken go to war

Media Watch
Thu 1 Mar, AT 16:21

The mud-slinging has begun ahead of the London Mayoral election on 3 May


Ed Miliband to speak without notes – but will he appear mad?

Mon 27 Feb, AT 08:51
The Mole

Ed will ignore John Prescott’s advice to put his ‘bloody jacket’ on – but there is another cunning plan...

Olympic ticket ballots 'cruel' says Boris Johnson

One-Minute Read
Wed 22 Feb, AT 15:00

More criticism for Locog as it announces a million more tickets will go on sale


Knocksy Foxy steps in as Tory MPs lose patience with coalition

Wed 22 Feb, AT 08:54
The Mole

Liam Fox and CBI demand tax breaks to help growth as backbenchers moan about lack of Tory values