Boris Johnson

05 Feb, 2014

Mayor is thinking ahead of today's Underground strike to the impending battle over driverless trains

Ed Balls
27 Jan, 2014

Business hates tax pledge, but newspapers can't agree if it's dangerous economics, good politics or both

20 Jan, 2014

Anne Hidalgo takes aim at London after new figures show tourists flocking to British capital

David Cameron
17 Jan, 2014

Tory PM turns stand-up comedian at journalists' dinner with gags about Boris, Balls and Bullingdon

09 Jan, 2014

The mayor of London proposes to fund the controversial purchase in case of future riots

09 Jan, 2014

London MPs express surprise as jury rules that killing of Mark Duggan was lawful

Boris drives a new black-cab
19 Dec, 2013

Battery-powered taxi set to 'revolutionise' travel in the capital with silent, pollution-free operation

17 Dec, 2013

Cameron promised west Londoners it would never happen – now there are TWO Heathrow options

03 Dec, 2013

Johnson gets two answers wrong and doesn't answer the third question. Can you do better?

Boris Johnson
29 Nov, 2013

Mayor of London's speech this week ignored the negative impacts of inequality, says David Huffman