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Boris Johnson

Neglected 9/11 'junk' sculpture re-homed at Olympic Park

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Mon 9 Sep, AT 12:34

Outrage in UK after Twin Towers memorial found rusting on farm but New Yorkers describe it as 'ugly'

David Cameron

PM rules out fresh vote on Syria despite political mood swing

Mon 2 Sep, AT 15:40
The Mole

Members of all three main parties believe that 'compelling new evidence' requires a fresh vote – but PM is adamant it won't happen

UK's top doctor Sally Davies admits: 'I ate hash cookies'

One-Minute Read
Mon 19 Aug, AT 12:04

Davies makes cannabis confession as she insists addiction needs to be treated as a medical issue

French oil giant Total moves its finance department to London

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Tue 6 Aug, AT 10:00

Move is 'a significant boost' for London's status as the financial capital of Europe, say City insiders

Boris unveils big blue cock - and ruffles a few feathers

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Thu 25 Jul, AT 16:17

London mayor lifts lid on risque fourth plinth sculpture but only manages to offend the French

Osborne's £11.5bn saving plan: winners and losers

Wed 26 Jun, AT 14:00

Chancellor takes axe to government departments and welfare but promises more roads and houses

Praise for report that says 'jail reckless bankers'

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Wed 19 Jun, AT 12:13

Government urged to implement commission's radical proposals, but will they work?

Boris Johnson 250213

Syria: chorus of voices say it is 'madness' to arm the rebels

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Mon 17 Jun, AT 11:25

Cameron is warned by countless politicians and commentators 'this is not the moment to send arms'

Crispin Black

US Anglophobes get another chance to stick it to BP

Thu 6 Jun, AT 11:58
Crispin Black

Lawyer Robert F Kennedy Jnr says it's not a British issue but that's hardly convincing given his family's reputation

Boris Johnson wants PM to fail says Andy Coulson

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Wed 29 May, AT 09:41

Cameron's former spin doctor breaks his silence with advice on countering threat from London mayor