Boris Johnson

A person holds one pound coins

Living wage rises to £7.85, but 5 million workers still underpaid

Mon 3 Nov, AT 10:10

Support for the living wage increases, but campaigners say more must be done for working families

Johnson sparks up 'Boris bike' scheme with e-bike roll out

One-Minute Read
Thu 24 Oct, AT 14:02

Londoners to get taste of electric motor-assisted cycling next year; mayor wants Met to use them too


As French do deal on Hinkley C Boris backs 'Johnny Foreigner'

Mon 21 Oct, AT 09:41
The Mole

One in ten Brits living in Germany is on benefits, says mayor: migration is good for us and good for the world

Neglected 9/11 'junk' sculpture re-homed at Olympic Park

First Reaction
Mon 9 Sep, AT 12:34

Outrage in UK after Twin Towers memorial found rusting on farm but New Yorkers describe it as 'ugly'

David Cameron

PM rules out fresh vote on Syria despite political mood swing

Mon 2 Sep, AT 15:40
The Mole

Members of all three main parties believe that 'compelling new evidence' requires a fresh vote – but PM is adamant it won't happen

UK's top doctor Sally Davies admits: 'I ate hash cookies'

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Mon 19 Aug, AT 12:04

Davies makes cannabis confession as she insists addiction needs to be treated as a medical issue

French oil giant Total moves its finance department to London

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Tue 6 Aug, AT 10:00

Move is 'a significant boost' for London's status as the financial capital of Europe, say City insiders

Boris unveils big blue cock - and ruffles a few feathers

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Thu 25 Jul, AT 16:17

London mayor lifts lid on risque fourth plinth sculpture but only manages to offend the French