Boris Johnson

10 May, 2013

Mayor's proposal for airport in Thames Estuary rejected; MPs call for one, perhaps two, new runways

09 May, 2013

Biographer Charles Moore reveals how Thatcher was advised not to admit publicly her EU exit thoughts

09 May, 2013

Backing for Nigel Lawson's call to quit EU as London mayor questions if UK would 'suffer' if it cut ties

Nigel Farage vs Meerkat
03 May, 2013

How to smash capitalism while losing weight, meerkats that look like Farage and railing against 'like' culture

02 May, 2013

UKIP's surge prompts embattled PM to harden EU referendum promise by 'enshrining it in law'

30 Apr, 2013

Cigar-smoking leader wins praise as his party comes under scrutiny ahead of Thursday's local elections

29 Apr, 2013

London Mayor tells Ken Clarke to 'calm down' and says Tories should be 'comforted' by UKIP's rise

25 Apr, 2013

David Cameron's decision to take Boris Johnson's brother into his inner circle is likely to backfire