03 Jul, 2015

Agreement adds around $10bn to existing provisions and is less than was being sought.

Crispin Black
06 Jun, 2013

Lawyer Robert F Kennedy Jnr says it's not a British issue but that's hardly convincing given his family's reputation

Oil spill
17 May, 2013

Oil company reportedly fears its financial recovery is in jeopardy

16 May, 2013

Oil bosses could be prosecuted if they are found to have rigged petrol prices, Prime Minister warns

15 May, 2013

BP and Shell offices raided over allegations that British motorists have been ripped off

28 Mar, 2013

Oil company could drill up to 12 wells

07 Mar, 2013

Three executives from GlaxoSmithKline, BP and BA's parent company miss out on £3.6m

17 Jan, 2013

Six questions answered about the hostage crisis and the al-Qaeda-linked Islamists behind the siege

04 Jan, 2013

Agreement means Haliburton is only firm involved in disaster yet to settle with US authorities