BP 'grossly negligent' over Deepwater Horizon oil spill

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Fri 5 Sep, AT 11:03

BP faces up to $18bn civil fines after judge blames company for worst offshore oil spill in US history

Crispin Black

US Anglophobes get another chance to stick it to BP

Thu 6 Jun, AT 11:58
Crispin Black

Lawyer Robert F Kennedy Jnr says it's not a British issue but that's hardly convincing given his family's reputation

Oil spill

BP seeks Cameron's help over oil spill compensation

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Fri 17 May, AT 13:04

Oil company reportedly fears its financial recovery is in jeopardy

Cameron warns petrol bosses: you will face full force of law

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Thu 16 May, AT 10:39

Oil bosses could be prosecuted if they are found to have rigged petrol prices, Prime Minister warns

Petrol prices 'rigged for a decade'

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Wed 15 May, AT 10:35

BP and Shell offices raided over allegations that British motorists have been ripped off

BP must 'raise game' on executive pay, say Standard Life

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Fri 12 Apr, AT 11:10

BP leads £330m oil drill in North Sea

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Thu 28 Mar, AT 09:46

Oil company could drill up to 12 wells

All in this together: rewards slashed for Britain's top bosses

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Thu 7 Mar, AT 10:13

Three executives from GlaxoSmithKline, BP and BA's parent company miss out on £3.6m

Bloodbath in the Algerian desert: what was kidnapping all about?

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Thu 17 Jan, AT 14:20

Six questions answered about the hostage crisis and the al-Qaeda-linked Islamists behind the siege

Transocean pays $1.4 billion in Deepwater penalties

Fri 4 Jan, AT 08:40

Agreement means Haliburton is only firm involved in disaster yet to settle with US authorities