Deepwater Horizon explosion
20 Apr, 2011

Business digest: ratings agency suggests final payout could be much higher than BP predicted

george clooney
City of London gherkin
14 Mar, 2011

Business digest: Four-year high in mergers and acquisitions indicates upswing in financial sector

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)
28 Feb, 2011

Business digest: Oil giant claims it was misled over duty paid on 1999 Arco deal

Deepwater Horizon explosion
17 Feb, 2011

Alexander Cockburn: Law professor warns of federal manslaughter charges over BP Deepwater oil spill

03 Feb, 2011

Business digest: Rising oil prices see profits at the multinational hit record highs

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)
01 Feb, 2011

Business digest: BP loses $4.9bn, but will resume paying dividends anyway

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)
17 Jan, 2011

Business digest: Oil company’s latest venture has attracted plenty of criticism - but shareholders like it

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)
04 Jan, 2011

Business Digest: Shares jump 5 per cent after story emerges of Shell’s merger interest

Lord Browne
22 Dec, 2010

Business Digest: Lord Browne ‘targeting’ BP assets with Riverstone Holdings