BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean up
16 Dec, 2010

Business Digest: US seeks unlimited damages in ‘gross negligence’ claim

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)
25 Nov, 2010

Business digest: Of 450,000 claims, only 175,000 will get a slice of the $2.3billion payout

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)
02 Nov, 2010

Business Digest: New CEO says his team are rebuilding confidence after 'terrible events' in Gulf of Mexico

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)
13 Oct, 2010

Business Digest: Royal Dutch Shell chief says BP could have prevented Gulf spill

29 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: The unit will have ‘sweeping powers’ to intervene and uphold standards

BP oil spill
20 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico has finally been declared ‘effectively dead’

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)
15 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: Two UK agencies have found oil company falling short of safety standards

BP oil spill
14 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: Company is now confident not all of the money will be paid out to victims of the spill

Discover Enterprise and a flotilla of vessels work on BP's breached Macondo wellhead
08 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: BP’s partner Transocean hits back at criticism of its conduct