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Deepwater Horizon explosion

BP could face $10bn fines and jail time for officials

Thu 17 Feb, AT 07:29
Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn: Law professor warns of federal manslaughter charges over BP Deepwater oil spill

Shell profits double to $18.6bn

Thu 3 Feb, AT 09:35

Business digest: Rising oil prices see profits at the multinational hit record highs

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)

BP makes its first annual loss since 1992

Tue 1 Feb, AT 10:07

Business digest: BP loses $4.9bn, but will resume paying dividends anyway

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)

BP shares leap after share swap deal with Rosneft

Mon 17 Jan, AT 11:08

Business digest: Oil company’s latest venture has attracted plenty of criticism - but shareholders like it

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)

Shell interest gives BP shares a boost

Tue 4 Jan, AT 15:11

Business Digest: Shares jump 5 per cent after story emerges of Shell’s merger interest