BP video feed of the capped oil well
26 Aug, 2010

Business Digest: BP and Greenland government agree drilling licence is not on

Bhopal disaster
20 Aug, 2010

White House accused of double standards as Obama aide appears to issue threat over compensation

Tony Hayward BP
05 Aug, 2010

BP oil leak was not as bad as predicted - but Tony Hayward gets no apology

BP video feed of the capped oil well
04 Aug, 2010

Business Digest: Oil giant stabilises damaged Gulf oil well but faces new lawsuit

Barack Obama BP oil spill
30 Jul, 2010

100 days after the spill began, American journalist Michael Grunwald exposes an over-hyped catastrophe

28 Jul, 2010

New BP chief executive Robert Dudley upsets US senators on day one

27 Jul, 2010

Business Digest: The company has lost £11bn after setting aside £20.8bn for oil spill

Tony Hayward and Fred Goodwin
27 Jul, 2010

Tony Hayward stands to get £600,000 a year as soon as he goes - that’s more than Fred ‘the Shred’ Goodwin

Tony Hayward BP
26 Jul, 2010

Bob Dudley expected to replace Tony Hayward at BP as second quarter results plummet into the red

BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean up
23 Jul, 2010

Tropical storm could delay permanent plugging of BP’s leaking oil well by up to two weeks