New BP boss Bob Dudley to set up safety division

Wed 29 Sep, AT 16:50

Business Digest: The unit will have ‘sweeping powers’ to intervene and uphold standards

BP oil spill

BP finally ‘kill’ Gulf of Mexico oil well

Mon 20 Sep, AT 12:49

Business Digest: Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico has finally been declared ‘effectively dead’

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)

BP ‘flouted safety regs on North Sea platform’

Wed 15 Sep, AT 12:58

Business Digest: Two UK agencies have found oil company falling short of safety standards

BP oil spill

BP hopes to recoup $20bn oil spill compensation fund

Tue 14 Sep, AT 12:33

Business Digest: Company is now confident not all of the money will be paid out to victims of the spill

Discover Enterprise and a flotilla of vessels work on BP's breached Macondo wellhead

Oil spill blame game starts again as BP releases report

Wed 8 Sep, AT 18:22

Business Digest: BP’s partner Transocean hits back at criticism of its conduct