BP CEO Tony Hayward and chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg at the White House
17 Jun, 2010

BP chairman Svanberg - the great communicator - angers Gulf oil spill victims

Helen Mirren and David Letterman
16 Jun, 2010

Helen Mirren admits she was ‘relieved’ that England v USA game ended in draw

Obama Oval Office speech BP oil spill
16 Jun, 2010

Alexander Cockburn: The President had three tasks to fulfill last night - and he flunked them all

Barack Obama
15 Jun, 2010

What President Obama and BP want out of Wednesday’s meeting

Barack Obama BP oil spill
11 Jun, 2010

Alexander Cockburn: Is it true the Queen personally owns BP? No, but it might as well be...

Discover Enterprise and a flotilla of vessels work on BP's breached Macondo wellhead
10 Jun, 2010

Fears for the ‘special relationship’ as Boris Johnson and Lord Tebbit defend BP against Obama's rhetoric

A pipeline in Russia
08 Jun, 2010

Trouble on BP’s eastern front as it loses right to exploit huge gas field

Tony Hayward, BP CEO; Barack Obama
08 Jun, 2010

President Obama does a good George Bush impression in oil crisis interview