Brad Pitt

07 Oct, 2014

Ten must-see films from the London Film Festival which opens tomorrow

26 Sep, 2014

Rumour mill on overdrive as stars arrive in Italy for a weekend of wedding celebrations

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive for the premiere of Maleficent at Kensington Palace
28 Aug, 2014

An orange-level breaking news alert heralded Brad and Angelina's wedding. Twitter, as usual, made jokes

03 Jun, 2013

Massive budget and new third act can't save star's big screen corpse caper from 'elaborate uselessness'

14 May, 2013

Hollywood star's double mastectomy shatters 'Page 3 anachronism' that breasts essential to femininity

08 Apr, 2013

'I lost myself in Liz Hurley,' says Hollywood actor Tom Sizemore whose memoir details three-year fling

14 Feb, 2013

Minister declares that should America be Over-run by zombies, Canada is prepared