Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning: 'overzealous' prosecution backfired on US

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Thu 22 Aug, AT 11:54

Opinion split on whether 25-year-old whistleblower's 35-year jail term is harsh or 'tame'

Bradley Manning apologises for passing secrets to WikiLeaks

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Thu 15 Aug, AT 11:07

Soldier expresses remorse at sentencing hearing and says gender identity issues influenced actions

Bradley Manning faces life in jail: an ugly moment in US history

Wed 31 Jul, AT 07:54
Charles Laurence

There is relief that he was not found guilty of aiding the enemy but he's still paying too high a price for whistleblowing

Chelsea Manning breaks her silence to reject 'pacifist' label

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Thu 10 Oct, AT 15:56

Wikileaks whistleblower 'shocked' after peace prize accepted on her behalf without her knowledge

Bradley Manning: I wanted to spark debate about cost of war

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Fri 1 Mar, AT 09:20

Soldier accused of biggest classified leak in US history pleads guilty in unusual move