English forward Wayne Rooney
19 May, 2014

As England squad flies out to Portugal relations with the British media already appear strained

Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari
14 May, 2014

Manager under investigation over his time in charge of the Portugal national team

World Cup
13 May, 2014

Would-be investors have been running scared, but Brazil shows signs of getting back on track

20 Mar, 2014

State of the pitch at venue of England's opener in Manaus is cause for concern

06 Mar, 2014

Lost child is hoisted aloft like the World Cup as Brazil players take pity on him

Ukraine vs USA
06 Mar, 2014

Matches take on diplomatic significance as Brazil send warning to rest of the world

07 Feb, 2014

It's been a bad start to 2014 as 'Fragile Five' spread contagion, and there could be more gloom to come

16 Jan, 2014

Player insists deal that took him from Santos to Spain is above board as courts examine contract

Roy Hodgson
03 Dec, 2013

Roy Hodgson says he is more concerned about venues than opponents in Friday's World Cup draw

28 Nov, 2013

Fatal crane accident puts spotlight on organisers as they struggle to meet Fifa deadline