Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi

MI5 and the Libyans: it’s not all the spooks’ fault

Mon 5 Sep, AT 08:28 Crispin Black

Intelligence work requires a broad mind and elastic morals - and we were wooing Gaddafi at the time

'Russian spy' Anna Chapman from Facebook

Russian spy Anna Chapman to become MP

News Wed 23 Feb, AT 15:24

Former spy will represent Volgograd - but first a politically sensitive visit to the Kuril Islands

David Cameron and William Hague

Vichy Britain: the truth exposed by WikiLeaks

Column Mon 6 Dec, AT 07:17

For special relationship read special doormat, says Neil Clark in the light of latest WikiLeaks disclosures

Markets fall; Hong Kong shares; stockmarket

US and UK credit rating downgraded by Chinese

News Tue 13 Jul, AT 10:59

But after failure of Western credit rating agencies to foresee financial crisis, has Chinese upstart got a point?

ACME Whistle factory in Birmingham

UK economy grows as manufacturing recovers

News Tue 6 Jul, AT 11:04

Business Digest: British Chambers of Commerce voices concern for health of the service sector