British Airways

Boeing 777

BA jet nears supersonic speed on flight to London

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Mon 12 Jan, AT 12:53

British Airways jet hit 745mph on what may have been the quickest transatlantic crossing since Concorde

An Emirates plane readies for take-off at Dubai airport

Flying over warzones: Emirates to alter Iraq flight path

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Mon 28 Jul, AT 09:21

Flights over Iraq will be re-routed due to the threats after Flight MH17 'changed everything'

Planes at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport

French strike causes flight chaos across Europe

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Tue 24 Jun, AT 12:23

Authorities warn of '14,000 hours' of delays as French air traffic controllers strike again

A British Airways stewardess

A Very British Airline: serious documentary or cheesy souffle?

Tue 3 Jun, AT 09:47
Holden Frith

BBC2's British Airways insight is a bit of a letdown – especially for those who fly in the cheap seats

Yashika Bageerathi: Home Office accused of 'cruel game'

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Wed 26 Mar, AT 15:46

Cara Delevingne among supporters of campaign against deportation of schoolgirl and her family

Obese Frenchman stranded in London after Eurostar ban

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Wed 20 Nov, AT 12:39

Kevin Chenais, who weighs 35st, has been refused travel by air, cruise ship and now Eurostar

'Drunk' Sri Lanka cricketer tries to open plane door mid-flight

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Tue 2 Jul, AT 12:32

Unnamed player mistook aircraft door for toilet as passenger jet headed across the Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic sparks job cuts fear as carrier faces £135m loss

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Mon 11 Mar, AT 10:07

Chief executive tells staff finances are 'well behind' expectations and warns of 'tough calls'

All in this together: rewards slashed for Britain's top bosses

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Thu 7 Mar, AT 10:13

Three executives from GlaxoSmithKline, BP and BA's parent company miss out on £3.6m

BA wrong to ban Christian from wearing cross says ECHR

First Reaction
Tue 15 Jan, AT 12:06

Nadia Eweida was discriminated against when airline stopped her wearing a crucifix, the ECHR rules