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British Army

Prince Harry

Prince Harry to leave the Army in June

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Tue 17 Mar, AT 11:42

A spell with the Australian Defence Force will bring Prince Harry's military career to a close

British army medics

Ebola: British army medic tests positive for the disease

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Thu 12 Mar, AT 10:11

Female military healthcare worker contracted Ebola while working in Sierra Leone, MoD confirms

British soldier charged with rape of six-year-old girl

One-Minute Read
Wed 21 Jan, AT 16:11

Soldier on training exercise was allegedly found in girl's bedroom by her father

UK female soldiers in Afghanistan

Women soldiers 'will be in combat roles by 2016'

Talking Point
Fri 19 Dec, AT 11:24

Women may soon be fighting on the front line – but is that good for them or the defence of the realm?

Columnist Robert Fox

Osborne’s cuts could reduce Army to virtually useless

Tue 9 Dec, AT 09:10
Robert Fox

Cuts will be so severe that Nato could classify our reduced forces not as an army, but a gendarmerie

Two suicides, two women who felt let down by justice

Tue 4 Feb, AT 11:42

Tracy Shelvey and Anne-Marie Ellement had both claimed they were raped and saw the men go free

Prince Harry

Prince Harry to 'quit job' and lead UK Warrior Games project

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Fri 17 Jan, AT 12:37

The Prince wants to host Paralympics-style games for injured servicemen at London Olympic Stadium

Army won't be able to win wars if cuts continue, general warns

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Fri 14 Jun, AT 10:16

Gen Sir Peter Wall intervenes as Treasury and MoD negotiate further spending cuts

Afghanistan needs interpreters to be brave and stay at home

Wed 10 Apr, AT 12:19
Crispin Black

It is not Britain's 'moral obligation' to give the Army's Afghan war interpreters automatic asylum here

G4S profits slump after Olympics contract

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Thu 14 Mar, AT 10:33

'Is our brand damaged after the Olympics? Yes, I think it is' says chief executive Nick Buckles