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British Army

British troops in Afghanistan

Six British soldiers killed in Afghanistan explosion

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Wed 7 Mar, AT 13:45

Most devastating single attack on British forces since Afghan operation began in 2001

Crispin Black

The terrible truth about our wasted sacrifice in Afghanistan

Fri 3 Feb, AT 07:30
Crispin Black

The British Army's brave soldiers have failed in their only purpose - they don't win their wars

Celebrations in Tripoli as Libyan rebels enter capital

Libya: ‘It’s all over’ - but how did it happen so fast?

Mon 22 Aug, AT 09:17

The Khamis brigade failed to fight – and UK special forces have played a bigger part than we realised

British troops in Afghanistan

Mutilating Taliban dead: a first for the British army?

Wed 10 Aug, AT 09:42

A British soldier has been accused of cutting off the fingers of enemy dead. If guilty, he wouldn't be the first

Territorial army's London Regiment

Britain’s new army: small but perfectly sensible

Sat 23 Jul, AT 13:29
Crispin Black

The rush to condemn the cutbacks is wrong - part-timers have a noble history in warfare

Wootton Bassett funeral procession

Why it’s right to stop the Army funeral processions

Fri 8 Jul, AT 08:22
Crispin Black

The Wootton Bassett processions are very recent - for years soldiers were buried where they fell