British Army

Robert Fox

Olympics fiasco shows the case for a voluntary National Service

Wed 18 Jul, AT 07:51
Robert Fox

With the British Army asked to do more with less, a youth public service scheme makes sense

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge

William and Kate 'upset' after honeymoon photos published

Media Watch
Wed 11 Jul, AT 08:57

Australian magazine shows Kate in a black bikini and William in floral shorts, hand in hand on the beach

Crispin Black

How the Falklands War 'shadow' undid the British Army in Iraq

Thu 14 Jun, AT 09:40
Crispin Black

No veteran of the Falklands has ever commanded the army. Their absence has been dangerous for our Afghan and Iraqi operations

Robert Fox

Flame and Stuxnet show Obama's commitment to Chinese cyberwar

Mon 11 Jun, AT 09:31
Robert Fox

Computer viruses are just the tip of the iceberg as the US goes all out to combat threat from China

Tom Watson

Another Sun arrest as Watson launches Murdoch book

First Post
Thu 19 Apr, AT 15:13

Rebekah Brooks's office was bugged, claims MP, as she prepares to face hacking charge

Why the British Army has been so keen to stay in Afghanistan

Mon 19 Mar, AT 07:49
Crispin Black

Active service for young soldiers, gongs for the generals: no wonder the Army is slow to get out

British troops in Afghanistan

Six British soldiers killed in Afghanistan explosion

First Post
Wed 7 Mar, AT 13:45

Most devastating single attack on British forces since Afghan operation began in 2001

It’s time to abolish the RAF

Point of View
Fri 12 May, AT 13:42

We’d have a more efficient, streamlined armed forces without the air corps

Crispin Black

The terrible truth about our wasted sacrifice in Afghanistan

Fri 3 Feb, AT 07:30
Crispin Black

The British Army's brave soldiers have failed in their only purpose - they don't win their wars

Celebrations in Tripoli as Libyan rebels enter capital

Libya: ‘It’s all over’ - but how did it happen so fast?

Mon 22 Aug, AT 09:17

The Khamis brigade failed to fight – and UK special forces have played a bigger part than we realised