British Army

British troops in Afghanistan
10 Aug, 2011

A British soldier has been accused of cutting off the fingers of enemy dead. If guilty, he wouldn't be the first

Territorial army's London Regiment
23 Jul, 2011

The rush to condemn the cutbacks is wrong - part-timers have a noble history in warfare

Wootton Bassett funeral procession
08 Jul, 2011

The Wootton Bassett processions are very recent - for years soldiers were buried where they fell

Muammar Gaddafi
18 Mar, 2011

The Mole: Right now, Cameron looks a winner. But wait for the first missile to go off-target

The SAS in North Africa in 1942, Libya
08 Mar, 2011

If only William Hague knew his history: you don't send the SAS to Benghazi

French soldier and a British soldier in Afghanistan
02 Nov, 2010

Robert Fox: Ignore the Little England headlines - our troops have served under the French before

Ark Royal British Navy, aircraft carrier
20 Oct, 2010

Robert Fox examines Britain’s first strategic defence review in 12 years

Predator drone
29 Sep, 2010

Generals want to crush Haqqani and al-Qaeda militants before US and UK troops leave Afghanistan

Liam Fox
21 Sep, 2010

Robert Fox: Friday was meant to be decision day - but a lack of agreement forces postponement

British soldiers in the Falklands War
14 Sep, 2010

If the Argentines try again to take the islands, new UK policy means there will be little resistance