British Army

Opium growing in Helmand
One-Minute Read
12 Sep, 2010

Detectives investigate UK troops thought to be smuggling drugs on military planes

British army commando aims rifle
03 Sep, 2010

Robert Fox: The proposed defence cuts mean Sierra Leone and Kosovo will not be an option in future

Coffins of the victims after Bloody Sunday
One-Minute Read
15 Jun, 2010

As the Saville Report is finally published - how a protest march in Derry ended with the deaths of 13 civilians

Jock Stirrup British army
14 Jun, 2010

Liam Fox says Stirrup will go early – but why is he overseeing drastic cuts he won’t be seeing through?

David Cameron Afghanistan
One-Minute Read
11 Jun, 2010

PM's helicopter diverted after phone intercepts reveal Taliban are aware of VIP visitor