British Army

Liam Fox

Strategic defence review looking like a train crash

Tue 21 Sep, AT 15:01
Robert Fox

Robert Fox: Friday was meant to be decision day - but a lack of agreement forces postponement

British soldiers in the Falklands War

Britain is likely to lose a second Falklands War

Tue 14 Sep, AT 10:12
Robert Fox

If the Argentines try again to take the islands, new UK policy means there will be little resistance

Opium growing in Helmand

British soldiers ‘smuggle heroin from Afghanistan’

Sun 12 Sep, AT 15:58

Detectives investigate UK troops thought to be smuggling drugs on military planes

British army commando aims rifle

Cuts mean Britain can no longer go to war

Fri 3 Sep, AT 15:34
Robert Fox

Robert Fox: The proposed defence cuts mean Sierra Leone and Kosovo will not be an option in future

Coffins of the victims after Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday: what happened that day

Tue 15 Jun, AT 15:31

As the Saville Report is finally published - how a protest march in Derry ended with the deaths of 13 civilians

Jock Stirrup British army

PR cock-up as army faces biggest cuts since WW2

Mon 14 Jun, AT 08:31
Robert Fox

Liam Fox says Stirrup will go early – but why is he overseeing drastic cuts he won’t be seeing through?

David Cameron Afghanistan

Army foils plot to shoot down Cameron chopper

Fri 11 Jun, AT 09:26

PM's helicopter diverted after phone intercepts reveal Taliban are aware of VIP visitor