British Army

Rupert Murdoch

Angry mum takes on PM Brown – thanks to the Sun

Tue 10 Nov, AT 10:30
The Mole

The Mole: Murdoch tabloid unveils first cause celebre in its election campaign

General Sir Michael Jackson; General Sir Richard Dannatt

BNP is hijacking Army’s good name, generals warn

Tue 20 Oct, AT 09:59

Attack comes as BBC Trust agrees to review ‘Question Time’ invitation to BNP’s Nick Griffin

General Sir Richard Dannatt

‘Tumbledown Dick Dannatt’: Dave buys a pup

Thu 8 Oct, AT 13:07
Robert Fox

The former army chief is not the bright visionary a new government needs

Major General Andrew Mackay

Telegraph’s MPs’ expenses mole was an angry soldier

Fri 25 Sep, AT 10:15

And a senior general quits army over unhappiness at the Government’s attitude to the forces

Simon Valentine; Richard Hunt; Afghanistan

Pressure grows on Govt as Afghan casualties mount

Tue 18 Aug, AT 09:22

The mother of Private Richard Hunt, the 200th British soldier to die in Afghanistan, demands that politicians take to the front lines

US Marines in Afghanistan

‘Let's talk to the Taliban’: the growing debate

Tue 28 Jul, AT 09:47

As the British Army’s month-long battle against the insurgents is deemed a success, is it time to negotiate with the Taliban?