British Army

Hamid Karzai; Afghanistan

Karzai wants foreign troops out within five years

Thu 19 Nov, AT 09:20

What they are saying about the Afghan president’s second-term inauguration

Gordon Brown's Lord Mayor's speech

Brown’s Afghan pull-out plan: what they’re saying

Tue 17 Nov, AT 09:55

What commentators are saying about the prime minister’s proposal to set a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan

Rupert Murdoch

Angry mum takes on PM Brown – thanks to the Sun

Tue 10 Nov, AT 10:30
The Mole

The Mole: Murdoch tabloid unveils first cause celebre in its election campaign

General Sir Michael Jackson; General Sir Richard Dannatt

BNP is hijacking Army’s good name, generals warn

Tue 20 Oct, AT 09:59

Attack comes as BBC Trust agrees to review ‘Question Time’ invitation to BNP’s Nick Griffin

General Sir Richard Dannatt

‘Tumbledown Dick Dannatt’: Dave buys a pup

Thu 8 Oct, AT 13:07
Robert Fox

The former army chief is not the bright visionary a new government needs