British Army

Simon Valentine; Richard Hunt; Afghanistan
18 Aug, 2009

The mother of Private Richard Hunt, the 200th British soldier to die in Afghanistan, demands that politicians take to the front lines

US Marines in Afghanistan
28 Jul, 2009

As the British Army’s month-long battle against the insurgents is deemed a success, is it time to negotiate with the Taliban?

20 Jul, 2009

The Mole: Whether or not it was a snub, it prevented the photo op he wanted as Parliament breaks up for the summer, reports our Westminster insider

17 Jul, 2009

Non-fiction: Patrick Hennessey’'s account of life in the modern British Army is ‘powerful, compelling and unapologetic’

17 Jul, 2009

The Mole: Brown waffles over helicopters as departing Army chief fights for troops’ rights, reports our Westminster insider

14 Jul, 2009

The Mole: If the PM turns out to be wrong on military resources, God help him, says our Westminster insider

13 Jul, 2009

Soldiers in Helmand remember their dead today as the battle rages between Army and Government