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British Army

US Marines in Afghanistan

‘Let's talk to the Taliban’: the growing debate

Tue 28 Jul, AT 09:47

As the British Army’s month-long battle against the insurgents is deemed a success, is it time to negotiate with the Taliban?

Brown stopped from visiting Afghanistan

Mon 20 Jul, AT 09:55

The Mole: Whether or not it was a snub, it prevented the photo op he wanted as Parliament breaks up for the summer, reports our Westminster insider

Book review: The Junior Officers’ Reading Club

Fri 17 Jul, AT 13:32

Non-fiction: Patrick Hennessey’'s account of life in the modern British Army is ‘powerful, compelling and unapologetic’

Brown v Dannatt: it’s war

Fri 17 Jul, AT 09:20

The Mole: Brown waffles over helicopters as departing Army chief fights for troops’ rights, reports our Westminster insider

Brown is ‘confident’ on Afghanistan

Tue 14 Jul, AT 09:47

The Mole: If the PM turns out to be wrong on military resources, God help him, says our Westminster insider