British embassy

North Korea warns Britain to evacuate Pyongyang embassy

One-Minute Read
Fri 5 Apr, AT 15:44

Foreign Office says invitation is 'rhetoric' but considers revising travel advice in the region

The anti-British lie at the heart of Oscar favourite Argo

Fri 22 Feb, AT 10:14
Crispin Black

Ben Affleck's film about Tehran hostage rescue suggests Brits turned US fugitives away. Not true

Barack Obama in Afghanistan

Colonial files: how UK officials nearly stopped Obama's birth

Wed 18 Apr, AT 12:56

Obama's dad, Nazi butterfly hunters and coconut workers - Foreign Office papers lift lid on end of Empire


Britain 'should not expect US help over Falkland Islands'

Talking Point
Tue 3 Apr, AT 14:05

'Special relationship' with US only goes so far, says Max Hastings

Bo Xilai

Death of UK businessman adds twist to Bo Xilai mystery

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Mon 26 Mar, AT 16:51

Did the Communist Party chief's aide try to flee China over claims that Brit had been poisoned?