Britney Spears

'Boring' Britney Spears quits Cowell's X Factor USA

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Thu 10 Jan, AT 12:35

Accused of being 'dull and disengaged', Spears ends $15m contract before she can be sacked

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Wed 7 Nov, AT 13:42

Jonathan Yeo’s portrait has failed to provoke the public shock he was preparing himself for

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romance is 'fake'

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Thu 1 Nov, AT 12:22

Tabloid tales: 'Robsten' reunion is a 'showmance' for fans; Nicole Scherzinger doesn't know who the PM is

What is Gangnam Style? Psy brings K-Pop to the UK

Fri 21 Sep, AT 12:54

South Korean rapper and his invisible horse riding dance go viral but can he reach UK number one?

Downton Abbey dowagers were 'lovers in another life'

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Red top tales: previous lives of Shirley MacLaine; Mariah Carey is 'paid $18m in American Idol deal'

Tulisa sex tape: singer's ex MC Ultra comes clean

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Red top tales: Tulisa's ex Justin Edwards admits leaking sex tape; Harry Styles turns to dating guide

Hollywood midgets threaten to protest against Snow White

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Red top tales: Midget actors outraged at film's choice of 'dwarves', Britney Spears 'has ADHD'

Otto the octopus juggles hermit crabs and causes blackout

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Mon 21 May, AT 12:45

Red top tales: Octopus wreaks havoc at aquarium, Kelly Brook offered €1m to bed French millionaire

Britney Spears gets $15m to join Simon Cowell on US X-Factor

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Tue 15 May, AT 13:16

Red top tales: Britney's TV pay day, Lady Gaga's new meat dress, 37,000-year-old porn

Britney ‘ready to sign’ with Cowell: has she read the biog?

Media Watch
Wed 18 Apr, AT 12:33

In the midst of the Sun’s revelations about his feelings for his co-judges, Britney Spears steps up to the plate