James Murdoch
28 Jul, 2011

Business digest: Satellite broadcaster staying loyal to boss despite scuppered News Corp takeover

David Cameron
27 Jul, 2011

First Reaction: Accusations abound after Cameron reveals senior Tories met Murdoch’s men 100 times

James Murdoch
25 Jul, 2011

Will he be gone by Friday? Even his cheerleaders say it’s time for a shake-up

21 Jul, 2011

His admission - even if talks were always ‘appropriate’ - keeps the Murdoch scandal alive

James Murdoch
14 Jul, 2011

Pressure on James mounts as New York Times reveals father and son were split over BSkyB withdrawal

Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch
13 Jul, 2011

First reaction: Political classes ‘strike back’ after two decades of being pushed around by Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch reads News of the World
12 Jul, 2011

The threat to his BSkyB takeover and to his US media empire makes a sell-off plausible

David Cameron and Andy Coulson
11 Jul, 2011

David Cameron’s arrogant dismissal of those who advised him against hiring Coulson is a problem

David Cameron in Afghanistan
05 Jul, 2011

Are News Corp ‘fit and proper people’ to own BSkyB outright in light of Dowler phone-hacking?

Rupert Murdoch
30 Jun, 2011

Business digest: Gov’t ‘minded to accept’ Sky News spin-off pledge