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Budget 2012

George Osborne and how not to reheat a week-old pasty

Media Watch
Wed 28 Mar, AT 07:56

Is the ridiculing of the ‘pasty tax’ fair? Or is it just a stale excuse to attack the Chancellor when he’s down?

Gordon Brown

Granny tax: was this Osborne's Gordon Brown moment?

Point of View
Thu 22 Mar, AT 13:31

Brown infuriated his core voters when he dropped the 10p tax band – now it's Osborne's turn in the stew


The Evan Davis question George Osborne should have ignored

Thu 22 Mar, AT 11:13
The Mole

Besieged Chancellor opens another can of worms by claiming he doesn't win from the Budget


50p tax cut caps chances of overall Tory majority in 2015

Opinion digest
Thu 22 Mar, AT 09:48

Opinion Digest: Ian Birrell and Max Hastings on the Budget – and it it time Dr Who had a male assistant?

Richard Ehrman

Alienating the elderly is unwise. But the big worry is growth

Thu 22 Mar, AT 08:33
Richard Ehrman

The furore over pensions might ease with time, but there's still no sign of the economy perking up


Millionaires' £40K bonus: Budget leaves Labour cock-a-hoop

Wed 21 Mar, AT 15:12
The Mole

Osborne highlights property tax hike, but Labour says 50p tax cut is a gift to people earning £1m a year


Budget 2012: no tax cuts - and no magic rabbits

Opinion digest
Wed 21 Mar, AT 10:58

Opinion Digest: From Budget 2012 to Dennis Waterman’s excuse for domestic violence


Budget 2012: Tories fear Osborne's reverse Robin Hood

Wed 21 Mar, AT 10:16
The Mole

Labour plan to accuse Chancellor of cutting the welfare budget to help the rich


How Emma Harrison 'avoided £800,000 in higher rate tax'

Tue 20 Mar, AT 09:55
The Mole

Little wonder the 50p tax rate hasn't brought in the expected revenue: here's one way to avoid paying it