Al-Jazeera English journalist Egyptian-Canadian Mohamed Fahmy adresses the judge at the courtroom in Cairo
13 Feb, 2015

Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed freed on bail after spending more than a year in Egyptian jail

Burned cars at the scene of the clashes between football fans and the police in Cairo
09 Feb, 2015

Football league matches have been suspended indefinitely following the violence at a Cairo stadium

20 Aug, 2013

US President, under fire for indecision, is reported to have stopped aid as US reviews Egypt relations

19 Aug, 2013

The notion that the Arab Spring would produce stable, democratic, open government was naive and even delusional

Hosni Mubarak
19 Aug, 2013

Obama under pressure to respond to army violence as 36 prisoners killed by tear gas

16 Aug, 2013

Violence returns to Egypt in week 638 people died in clashes between protesters and security forces

15 Aug, 2013

Threat of civil war after yesterday's crackdown would chiefly benefit terrorists like al-Qaeda