SAPD Mug shot of Isidro Garcia

Kidnap victim released after decade in captivity

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Thu 22 May, AT 08:56

A woman who disappeared in 2004 as a 15-year-old has been found and her alleged abductor arrested

The Uberfication of everything: sharing economy is here to stay

Tue 4 Feb, AT 09:17
Edie Lush

What the Uber taxi service, arriving in London from San Francisco, says about the future of commerce

Facebook offices Menlo Park

Facebook builds its own town, but is it one perk too many?

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Thu 3 Oct, AT 16:34

Critics say $120m project is just a new take on the company towns built in 19th century

Christopher Dorner manhunt: police hunt 'Rambo' cop killer

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Fri 8 Feb, AT 15:02

'Armed and dangerous' fugitive thought to be hiding in woods near California’s Big Bear ski resort

Alexander Cockburn

Why Barack Obama's marijuana betrayal should surprise nobody

Thu 7 Jun, AT 15:58
Alexander Cockburn

The man who smoked pot when he was a teenager has presided over millions of marijuana arrests


Fukushima radiation in California tuna: does it matter?

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Tue 29 May, AT 09:44

Traces of nuclear radiation have been found in bluefin tuna that fed off Japan's coast after the Fukushima meltdown