Obama's Burma visit: six hours that changed Suu Kyi's fortunes

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Tue 20 Nov, AT 09:41

US president's demand for an end to violence in Rakhine helped take pressure off opposition leader

'We were serving Cambodia' Pol Pot No 2 tells genocide trial

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Tue 22 Nov, AT 15:13

Deputy leader defends reign of terror in speech about Khmer Rouge's desire for a 'clean society'

Khmer Rouge

‘Release me’ - Duch begs war crimes tribunal

Fri 27 Nov, AT 11:04

Request for clemency casts doubt over Khmer Rouge jailer’s sincerity

The Khmer Rouge on trial

Thu 9 Jul, AT 18:39

The first trial of senior Khmer Rouge member Kaing Guek Eav is underway in Cambodia. But 30 years on, can justice be done?