Boat Race 2014: a history of pain, mutiny and sinkings

Fri 4 Apr, AT 16:55

The colourful history of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, one of the world’s oldest sporting fixtures

Cyclist badly injured at new 'cycle-safe' junction

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Mon 7 Oct, AT 12:18

Two riders collide head-on at first UK junction with traffic lights built to protect cyclists


Oxford has more ultra-rich graduates than Cambridge

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Thu 25 Apr, AT 10:50

Report 'reflects the ability of such prestigious institutions to attract high calibre individuals'

Trenton Oldfield, the protester who disrupted the 2012 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

Police 'want to help me' says Boat Race protestor Oldfield

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Wed 27 Mar, AT 15:16

Aussie stopped the 2012 Boat Race. Now, he says, the Met wants to help him protest at this weekend's race

DNA testing

Doctors stop superbug MRSA in its tracks with DNA testing

First Reaction
Wed 14 Nov, AT 09:38

Inexpensive technique identified source of infection in a hospital - and could be used against E. coli and salmonella

Why Tucker, not Adair Turner, is Bank of England favourite

Thu 1 Nov, AT 10:04
Richard Ehrman

Lord Turner has the talent and the brainpower. The worry is he might make the job too political

Is boat race protester Trenton Oldfield the 'British Pussy Riot'?

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Fri 19 Oct, AT 15:16

Incredulity greets six-month jail sentence for man who disrupted the boat race

Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to John Gurdon for ‘pluripotent cells'

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Mon 8 Oct, AT 13:33

Sir John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka share prize for work in reprogramming stem cells

Eric Hobsbawm dies: six things about the famous historian

Mon 1 Oct, AT 16:36

Famous Marxist historian and one of the 20th century's greatest thinkers has died at 95

Steven Hawking

Stephen Hawking's brain to be 'hacked' by scientists

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Mon 25 Jun, AT 14:21

Renowned physicist is helping to develop the iBrain, a tool that could one day read your mind