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The UK's top ten universities ranked by teaching satisfaction

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Wed 27 May, AT 14:11

Cambridge University outdone by former polytechnic in teaching satisfaction rankings

Which university's graduates earn the highest salaries?

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Fri 16 Jan, AT 10:30

University salary league table shows which institutions offer the highest earning potential

Police try to spy on Cambridge University students

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Fri 15 Nov, AT 12:12

But attempts to persuade activist to report on 'student-union type stuff' backfire

Six UK unis rank in world top 20, but research status slips

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Tue 10 Sep, AT 10:54

Cambridge leads the way at No. 3, but expert warns low investment in higher education threatens ranking

Steven Hawking

Stephen Hawking book reveals 'anguish' of his two marriages

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Thu 8 Jan, AT 16:08

New film glosses over pain of Stephen Hawking's divorce, but the physicist has written of the ordeal

DNA testing

Doctors stop superbug MRSA in its tracks with DNA testing

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Wed 14 Nov, AT 09:38

Inexpensive technique identified source of infection in a hospital - and could be used against E. coli and salmonella

Did the Sainsbury Laboratory deserve the Stirling Prize?

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Mon 15 Oct, AT 16:26

Rival complains at losing out to building that doesn't 'excite' him but critics praise the judges' decision

Bird flu virus

Scientists create bird flu virus you could catch from a sneeze

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Fri 22 Jun, AT 09:44

Research shows H5N1 virus needs only to mutate five times before being capable of causing a 'global pandemic'

Trinity College Cambridge

Cambridge University college launches new bank for SMEs

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Mon 11 Jun, AT 15:25

Trinity Hall joins council in new venture to meet demand for loans left unmet by high street banks

Mary Beard

Mary Beard takes AA Gill to task over 'carping sexism'

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Tue 24 Apr, AT 14:55

Historian exacts revenge in the Daily Mail after Sunday Times critic says she should not be allowed on TV