24 Oct, 2014

Five of the best viral videos of the week, hand-picked by our video partner 5by

22 Oct, 2014

Police kill one gunman after soldier shot dead outside Canadian parliament building in Ottawa

29 Aug, 2014

A pointed tweet claims Crimea for Russia and leaves eastern Ukraine 'conveniently unillustrated'

A model of a tyrannosaurus rex
24 Jul, 2014

Discovery of fossilised footprints in Canada suggest tyrannosaurs worked together to stalk prey

Gunman Justin Bourque
06 Jun, 2014

Justin Bourque was arrested last night after a huge manhunt for the killer of three police officers

30 Jan, 2014

Singer's second arrest in a week has people asking if his pursuit of bad boy image is out of control

30 Jan, 2014

Scott MacIntyre files $1m lawsuit alleging Ford paid ex-footballer to beat him up in prison showers

Crispin Black
28 Jun, 2013

'Rock star banker' isn't the first Canadian recruit to come to Britain's aid in difficult times

08 Mar, 2013

Decision means interest rates stay at historic 0.5 per cent lows

07 Feb, 2013

Canadian picked to run Bank of England provides 'breath of fresh air' as he discusses his role