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Why cannibalism was a turn-on for Dale Bolinger and ‘Eva’

Tue 22 Jul, AT 11:47
Coline Covington

Analyst’s view: was he identifying with his mother, hoping to seduce his prey into total submission?

Dale Bolinger

Nurse found guilty of plot to behead and eat 14-year-old girl

One-Minute Read
Mon 21 Jul, AT 13:13

Dale Bolinger bought an axe from a DIY store the day before he planned to meet the teenage girl

Dale Bolinger

British nurse 'planned to rape, kill and eat' 14-year-old girl

One-Minute Read
Wed 16 Jul, AT 11:35

'I'll eat everything from your feet to your face. Roasts, sausages even your offal,' nurse told victim

Is N Korea's famine causing people to eat their children?

Talking Point
Mon 28 Jan, AT 15:23

Reports of murder and cannibalism coming out of rogue state are deemed 'credible'

NYPD 'cannibal' accused of plot to kidnap and cook women alive

Fri 26 Oct, AT 09:15

Policeman Gilberto Valle appears in court accused of planning abduction, rape, murder and cannibalism