Man who 'cut out victim's heart and ate it' faces sentencing

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Tue 28 Apr, AT 16:26

Witnesses at the scene said Andrew Chimboza had flesh in his teeth and dry blood on his mouth

Why cannibalism was a turn-on for Dale Bolinger and ‘Eva’

Tue 22 Jul, AT 11:47
Coline Covington

Analyst’s view: was he identifying with his mother, hoping to seduce his prey into total submission?

Dale Bolinger

Nurse found guilty of plot to behead and eat 14-year-old girl

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Mon 21 Jul, AT 13:13

Dale Bolinger bought an axe from a DIY store the day before he planned to meet the teenage girl

Dale Bolinger

British nurse 'planned to rape, kill and eat' 14-year-old girl

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Wed 16 Jul, AT 11:35

'I'll eat everything from your feet to your face. Roasts, sausages even your offal,' nurse told victim

Is N Korea's famine causing people to eat their children?

Talking Point
Mon 28 Jan, AT 15:23

Reports of murder and cannibalism coming out of rogue state are deemed 'credible'

NYPD 'cannibal' accused of plot to kidnap and cook women alive

Fri 26 Oct, AT 09:15

Policeman Gilberto Valle appears in court accused of planning abduction, rape, murder and cannibalism

Canada suspect Luka Magnotta

'Canadian psycho' killing: hand and foot sent to two schools

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Wed 6 Jun, AT 08:27

More body parts have been discovered in Canada as suspect Luka Magnotta faces court in Berlin

Stefan Ramin

Missing German yachtsman may have been eaten

Mon 17 Oct, AT 15:04

Death of Stefan Ramin suggests South Sea islanders may have rediscovered their taste for cannibalism

Nicolas Cocaign France cannibal of Rouen

Cannibal restaurant causes outrage in Berlin

Fri 27 Aug, AT 17:01

German eatery advertises for human donors and an ‘open minded surgeon’

Nicolas Cocaign France cannibal of Rouen

‘Cannibal of Rouen’ ate cellmate’s lung

Fri 25 Jun, AT 13:30

‘He is mad, totally mad’ says defence lawyer. But Nicolas Cocaign gets 30 years